Roel Ruyten creates unique pieces for private clients. His style is best described as "classic with a twist". When ordering a piece from Roel Ruyten, it all starts with a talk with the designer. During this talk, wishes and possibilities are discussed. Based on this discussion Roel Ruyten starts to design. This always happens immediately in fabric. He makes a few examples to show to the client. These are discussed and one design is choosen to be fine tuned. A few fitting sessions follow. At the same time, fabrics are discussed and chosen. After the fit is perfect, the fabric is cut and sewn together by a professional seamstress. A last fitting is organised, if necessary together with the seamstress, to guarantee a perfect fit.
Roel Ruyten works mainly with natural fabrics such as fur, leather, silk and wool. The whole process takes about 2 months.